Reasons Why I Blog, Motivations, Inspirations and Goals

This was supposed to be my first blog post to serve as an introduction to my readers to be guided on what they can expect on my blog. For those who asked and will ask why I started blogging, what’s my purpose and how do I want to be heard to everyone.

Thought blogging is just a piece of cake but then I realized it needs to be well planned, a lot of focus, time, attention, investment and effort. It’s not easy to create a blog post specially for someone like me who’s not used to writing.

I’m writing this to share why I started to blog. Find out my motivation, inspiration and goals below and don’t forget to follow my blog to be updated with my adventures!


Having my own blog motivates me to keep on writing to enhance my writing skills and do research to give valuable information to my readers. I did not see myself writing before and was really surprised that I can actually do it on my own. Reading and writing is really not my thing but NOW, I’m already building my own blog, sharing my experiences and adventures in life.


I can see a lot of inspirations online from other blogs across the web and trying to create my own way and style that would mark to my reader’s mind. But what inspires me the most are the local bloggers in Cebu who are committed not just on their blogs but they have also joined an organization. I wish to be part of them soon as I put more articles and have a number of audience that will be seeing all my update and supports me all the way.


          1. Interact with interesting people
Dealing and meeting other people is very interesting specially those who are a bit older than me. I would love to listen to their experiences, thoughts that would surely inspire me and help me become better.

          2. Creating new opportunities
Having a chance to experience something new would spice up my life and widen my knowledge from my field or different matters.

          3. Interesting and unforgettable experiences
As they said “Experiences is the best teacher”, I want to inspire not just young individuals but also adults with my experiences in life, including struggles and on how do I overcome them. Of course, including the best I had.

          4. Gain exposure
It would be my pleasure being known locally and internationally (HOPING)! 🙂

          5. Become expert in blogging
I look forward to become a role model to newbie bloggers who would like to learn from trash and one step higher at a time until becoming an expert.

          6. Life documentation
Dreamed to document someone’s life soon. It could be a teacher (their ways on touching their student’s lives and how that affect their student’s in real life).

          7. Overcome my fears
I can still recall when I was just a kid that my parents are over protective to me that I can’t even go out by myself or do something new because they are afraid that I might fall down and get hurt. As I have grown, I learned that doing something that you like for your own will let you learn, discover and know if that would be good for you or not and I do believe that that is one of the greatest learnings from our childhood. From my parent’s perspective, I think it leads me to become hesitant and dependent to them thus creating a fear for everything with full of what if’s.

          8. Sharpen observations
Looking forward to learn a lot of things from blogging which will help me sharpen my observations to anything. Give and receive feedback and share it with others.

          9. Inspire other people
One of the best feeling in the world is inspiring others and I hope I would be able to inspire other people just like others inspire me.

          10. Gain confidence
One of the most important points on creating my own blog is for me to gain confidence. I’ll bravely admit I have very low confidence and I want to boost that.

These are my points on my blog and I wish you enjoy reading. I’m very much open to your thoughts. Just comment below or you can directly contact me through email or any of my social media accounts.