keso sandwich shop

I have tasted many sandwiches in different restaurants but this Keso Grilled Sandwich is the best. I’ve been here thrice with friends and workmates for lunch since this is just located near my workplace. As I asked one of their workers, Keso was first heard in Sugbo Mercado – I.T Park. Since then, people are haunting for their grilled sandwiches and that’s the time they decided to look for a place where they can showcase their delicious grilled sandwiches.

keso menu

Their menu with their signature dishes

In our first visit, we ordered their classic melts.

1. Keso Classic

2. Spiced Grilled Cheese

3. Tuna Melt

4. Bacon and  Jalapeño Melt

keso classic melt

Their Keso Classic comes with cheddar and mozzarella cheese sandwich on thick cut brioche leaves. (I love mozzarella cheese!)

Spiced Grilled Cheese melt

Spiced Grilled Cheese is a classic grilled cheese with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and chili. As I ate this, it feels like I’m eating grilled fish. The spices overpowered the cheese.

tuna melt

Tuna melt comes with tuna chunks, pickled onions, cheddar cheese and cheese sauce.

Bacon and Jalapeño Melt

Bacon and Jalapeño Melt comes with bacon (of course!), cheddar cheese, jalapeños and cheese sauce. This is their best seller!

keso grilled sandwiches

Love that shrimp! That’s one of their signature sandwiches. Shrimp and Slaw (deep fried shrimp and their signature slaw)

keso fries

Another thing I loved in keso is their FRIES! I can say that this has been the best fries I’ve ever tasted! 2 thumbs up!

keso fries

more fries!!!!

keso interior


While waiting for our orders!



keso grilled sandwich shop

You can choose from Triple Combo –serves with tomato soup and fries. Combo – with fries or tomato soup and their Ala Carte.

I would recommend their signature sandwiches specially the Shrimp and Slaw served with fries (combo).

Keso is located at the Ground Floor, Unit 3, The Greenery, Kasambagan, Cebu City. They are open from 11 AM – 10 PM from Monday – Sunday. You can contact them through email – kesogrilledsandwich AT or visit their facebook page to be updated with their menus.