Haven Cafe at West 35 Eco Mountan Resort, Balamban Cebu

After enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Balamban Mountains, feeling the cold fresh air, playing at children’s playground and roaming around West 35 Eco Mountain Resort, we were already starving! It is time to taste the delectable dishes offered by Haven Cafe.

It’s freakin’ cold! Though I love the cold temperature, I’m searching for something HOT to fight the cold wind that bites my skin. Good thing that Haven Cafe is prepared for this. They offer a Chili Corn Chowder which has a perfect kick of spice which brightened me up!

chili corn chowder

Do you love baby back ribs? It’s one of my favorite part of meat. As they serve baby back ribs, I ordered it right away without hesitation (and without checking its price!). Their Baby Back Ribs is served with rice and mixed vegetables. Honestly, I’m quite unsatisfied with its sauce. Too sweet for my taste. Not worth the price and the rice is quite overcooked.

baby back ribs

Their crispy Calamari Frito is a must try! Thick slices of squid + perfect crunch + yummy pomodoro sauce = PERFECTION! Calamari is one of the tastiest food in Cebu.

calamari frito

We’ve also tried their Lettuce Wrap Salad. A fun way of eating vegetables! It’s fresh lettuce packed with grated Parmesan cheese, corn, minced pork and salsa. The fun part is you’ll be the one to wrap it. You can control the amount of salsa, corn and minced pork.

lettuce wrap

lettuce wrap

And of course a glass of refreshment to complete any meal. We ordered 2 Organic Carrot Juice and 1 Cucumber Quencher (at the center). Loved their carrot juice!

carrot juice and cucumber quencher

Enjoy the lovely view while washing your hands! You’ll be amazed with nature’s beauty.

hand wash area

They also sell orchids and other flowers. Don’t have any idea with its prices though.


Would you like to bring your family to Haven Cafe this holiday season? Be sure to check my West 35 Eco Mountian Resort post to get some tips. If you’ve been there already, don’t forget to share your experience here and let’s exchange thoughts.